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Black and White

Sensual, Yet Very artistic…………..

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Print Sizes

Print Sizes

Hopefully this will help fellow Photographers chose their desired print size

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Basssn1 Photography

Portraiture & Fine Art

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Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts

Adobe Photoshop Shortcuts

Hopefully this will help fellow Photographers with their editing process

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Fellow Photographers, Artists and Friends…….

My name is Sean Bass, I have been passionate about Photography since the tender age of 14 before finally living my dream and taking my lifetime hobby to professional level.

I am currently studying a BA Honours degree in Fine Art and Photography to hopefully gain more techniques to add to my already varied styles.

I am located in a Mawsley a small village situated in Northamptonshire, and I specialise in Portraiture but also like to create Fine Art. The majority of my work is shot outside using natural surroundings and light.

My aim is to capture a wide range of expressions from all my subjects, regardless of age, From contemplative to joyful, from silly to angelic, Everything that makes up those that you know, love and want to immortalise in your professional portraits.

Although some Photographers still prefer to use film, Many Top Photographers have converted to High end Digital equipment , Instead of using the lab, I have a full-time art director/retoucher in my studio,  Digital has made imagery faster and more controllable. I myself believe Digital takes the images a step further allowing the artist to manipulate  thus making the image more pleasing to the eye.

I aim to be a technical perfectionist and I like to experiment with various digital imaging techniques to my repertoire, However,  I do continue to place the main emphasis when creating my work of maximizing the traditional skills manual camera photography and real world lighting.

Through this exquisite capturing of light , form, surface, colour and space I aim to expose the beauty of the model/s whilst offering new surreal narratives and playful juxtapositions.

Although I will now contradict myself and say that I am not 100% happy with my Website and that it has remained stagnent for a while now, I will be updating and moving to a fully HTML site that will be viewable on iPads…ect

Please take a few mins to view my current site or view some of my imagery on Flickr.

Website :

Flickr :

Twitter :!/search/basssn1


All comments and advice will be appreciated and taken onboard.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article

Have a nice day



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